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HOW IT WORKS | eSSENTIAL Accessibility (June2016) The Assistive Technology Daily

Innovation Expo in Budapest – the final event (May 2016) 

FGSD cooperates with BlindShell to provide smartphones for visually impaired people (May 2016) foxconngssd

CSUN 2016: BlindShell Smartphone for Visually Impaired (April 2016)

CSUN 2016 Audio: BlindShell Makes Using an Android Smart phone Simple (March 2016)

Blind Shell, a Cell Phone for Visually-Impaired People (March 2016)

30 under 30 2016 Europe: Social Entepreneurs (January 2016)

BlindShell helps visually impaired users stay mobile (December 2015) VCEE Startups

Quick summary: Slush 2015 (November 2015) - Czechstartups 

Winner Category Healthy Life (Novevember 2015) -

For Holiday Shopping: BlindShell, A Cell Phone for Visually-Impaired People (October 2015) - Assistive Technology News

BlindShell, a smartphone for the visually impaired (October 2015) - Deutsche Welle

Czech ICT start-ups shine in front of investors in London (October 2015) - CzechInvest

BlindShell Smartphone for Visually Impaired People: A Medgadget Review (September 2015) -

Blindshell: A Simple Phone Interface For Blind Users (August 2015) -

BlindShell Lets Visually Impaired Folks Use Smartphones! (January 2015) -

BlindShell: Making Android Better For The Blind (September 2014) -

BlindShell: simplified interface for your mobile device: (podcast September 2014) - and (June 2015) -


Video about project Here

BlindShell leaflet Here

High resolution pictures


  • BlindShell logo

Logo version 2

  • BlindShell logo version 2

BlindShell smartphone

  • BlindShell phone and box
  • BlindShell phone, box and frame

Preview of the environment

  • Screenshot of the Call application
  • Screenshot of the Messages application
  • Screenshot of the built-in keyboard
  • Screenshot of the Only sound option


  • Picture of blind users that are sitting on bench
  • Picture of Blanka that uses BlindShell
  • Picture of Vladimir that uses BlindShell