BlindShell | Simple, cheap and intuitive smartphone for visually impaired users

Simple, cheap and intuitive smartphone for visually impaired users

Picture showing BlindShell package, phone and holder


Simple, cheap and intuitive

BlindShell is the easiest way to touch phone

BlindShell is a touchscreen phone for blind and visually impaired people. The environment is controlled by simple touch gestures. The following functions are included: Call, Messages, Contacts, Alarm, Notes, Voice Recorder, Calendar, Book Reader, Librivox, Bookshare, Email, MP3 player, Color Recognition, Banknote recognition, Magnifying Glass, BookShare, Calculator, Settings, Information About State, Favorites and Missed Events. Access to chosen 3rd party Android applications with BlindShell-like control (WhatsApp, Facebook, TapTapSee and Browser). A unique, easy-to-use keyboard for writing numbers and texts is seamlessly integrated.


Picture of the BlindShell phone  

Picture of satisfied user - I couldn't imagine such a simple solution before

Success story

Blanka is a 65 years-old blind woman, and she had no previous experience with a touch phone so far. She had been using a traditional phone equipped with a physical keyboard. When her phone broke, it was impossible to get new one of a similar type. Finally, she decided to go to the special accessory shop on the premises of Czech Blind Union. She tried BlindShell, and after a brief training session she concluded that BlindShell is the perfect solution for her needs. That same day she sent several SMSes to her son and called to her friends.