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BlindShell Classic

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Can the phone be controlled by voice?
The BlindShell Classic can be controlled by voice. Just connect it to the internet. It is controlled using simple commands and it is also possible to control it using the keyboard.

Can I read emails on my phone?

BlindShell Classic is a simple smartphone that offers many internet features, including e-mail.

Can I listen to music on my phone?

BlindShell Classic has a built-in music player, as well as the ability to listen to FM radio and internet radio. You can also play videos or audio on YouTube.

Who is BlindShell Classic LITE for?

This phone model is intended for all visually impaired and blind people who use the basic functions of a mobile phone and do not need an internet connection. It is intended for older or more modest users.

How do the LITE and Classic models differ?

The LITE model is the simplest mobile phone for the blind. It has all the basic features that work offline, and no internet connection is required.

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