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By choosing to extend the warranty for your BlindShell Classic 2 mobile phone annually, you'll enjoy peace of mind and hassle-free usage of your device. Our extended warranty offers protection against unexpected issues that may arise even after the standard warranty period.

Terms and Conditions: This extended warranty is applicable only to new phones and those still covered under the initial warranty. To take advantage of this offer, kindly include the IMEI code in the order notes during purchase. You can locate the IMEI code on the information label beneath the battery, on the phone's packaging, or within its menu. This code validates the warranty's coverage.

Embrace peace of mind and assurance with our extended warranty, ensuring the safety and security of your BlindShell Classic 2.

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What the extended warranty covers:

Hardware defects: If any hardware component such as the microphone, speaker, camera, or buttons malfunctions.

Power-on or charging issues: A phone that suddenly fails to turn on or cannot be charged (unless caused by liquid damage, a fall, or user damage to the USB port).

Non-functional keyboard.

Other non-misuse-related defects: The warranty also covers other technical issues not resulting from improper device usage.

What is not covered by the extended warranty:

User damage: Water damage, screen cracking or cover damage due to a fall, USB port breakage, or normal wear and tear.

Normal wear and tear: Color fading, screen scratches.

Reduced battery life: Battery degradation is a natural process, and reduced battery life is considered normal phone wear and tear.

Terms of use:

The extended warranty applies only to new phones and phones that are still under warranty. When purchasing, it is necessary to include the IMEI code in the order notes, which can be found on the information label behind the battery, on the packaging, or in the phone's menu.

Gain peace of mind and confidence with our extended warranty and keep your BlindShell Classic 2 mobile phone safe.