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The BlindShell idea came from a master thesis that was focusing on the possibilities how to make smartphones more accessible for the blind and visually impaired. 

Il team di BlindShell alla fiera internazionale negli Stati Uniti


In 2014 BlindShell won The Idea Of The Year award and Vodafone foundation helped us to launch the whole project. 

Facts about the blind

According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 2.2 billion visually impaired people in the world, of which more than 40 million are blind.

Where are we now?

BlindShell is currently available in 23 countries worldwide. In late 2019 we successfully entered the market in the United States and we have big plans there in the world of assistive technologies.

Who is helping us?

We cooperate with Czech Blind United association and we also listen to the feedback from our customers. 

edificio Deloitte


In 2019 BlindShell took the15th place in the Rising Star category of the prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE.

Dettaglio dei telefoni Blindshell - nero, rosso e grigio


BlindShell sells 2 models of its own phones worldwide. Blindshell Classic and BlindShell Classic LITE.

BlindShell Classic 2 in red and black color


BlindShell Classic 2, the new mobile phone for the visually impaired, providing unique hardware, tactile keypad, voice control and loud speaker, creating the perfect phone for the blind.

Communication with no limits!

BlindShell team

In the Prague branch a small team of enthusiasts takes care of the development and sales of BlindShell phones all over the world.  We see in our efforts for BlindShell more than just work.

Jan Šimík


Filip Hrdlička

Business Development Manager

Kristýna Savaryová

Deputy CEO

Jakub Mikeštík

Business Development Manager

Honza Pechan


Elisabeth Ortelt

D-A-CH Manager

Martina Skalská

Operations Manager

Dominika Ocmanová

Customer care Manager

What we rely on

the sheet of paper

Designed By The Blind And Visually Impaired

We develop our phones in cooperation with the blind and visually impaired community, testing every detail.

The customer is always right

Outstanding Custumer Service

We take care of our customers and help them with everything they need. We are always here for them. 

the bulb

Simple And Intuitive Control

We design our phones to make them as easy as possible but still smart, to help with everything necessary but also to entertain.  

update sign

Lifetime Free Update

We do not rest on our laurels, we are constantly improving our phones, we propose new functions and lifetime free updates for all our clients. 

What we have already achieved

Delloite Fast 50 2019

Delloitte Fast 50 2019

Winner - European Youth Award 2015

Winner - European Youth Award 2015

DHL UNICREDIT Exporter award 2017

DHL UNICREDIT Exporter award 2017

Vodafone - Idea of the year 2014 Winner

Idea of the year 2014 Winner

Deloitte  NOTED 2017

Deloitte NOTED 2017

BlindShell Classic in colore nero con custodia a libro in pelle

BlindShell phones

Have a look at our phones that make every day easier for the blind and visually impaired