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BlindShell Classic 2

BlindShell Classic

What are the main differences between Blindshell Classic and BlindShell Classic 2? 

BlindShell Classic 2 has brand new especially designed hardware with great new speaker, long life battery and great camera. It has WhasApp and Facebook messenger, many assitive tools and BlindShell app catalog with many new functions. We took the best from BlindShell Classic and added new smart features and the result is BlindShell Classic 2.

Can I use WhatsApp with my BlindShell Classic 2?

Great news! You can! BlindShell Classic 2 has WhatsApp so you can write messages, send voice messages and pictures and stay in touch with your dear ones. You just need to be contected to the internet.

Can I control the phone using my voice?

BlindShell can be controlled by voice using simple commands. Voice control works online and for the most frequent languages also offline. Nevertheless, you can use also the keypad.

Can the phone be controlled by voice?
The BlindShell Classic can be controlled by voice. Just connect it to the internet. It is controlled using simple commands and it is also possible to control it using the keyboard.

Can I read emails on my phone?

BlindShell Classic is a simple smartphone that offers many internet features, including e-mail.

Can I listen to music on my phone?

BlindShell Classic has a built-in music player, as well as the ability to listen to FM radio and internet radio. You can also play videos or audio on YouTube.

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BlindShell Classic 2

BlindShell Classic

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BlindShell Classic 2

Blindshell Classic 2 - Introduction

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BlindShell Classic

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