Dear customers, we have created this section to share useful tips and tricks for the functions and applications in BlindShell with you. Please note that this section will be continuously updated with additional information beyond what is in the manual. You can find basic operation and instructions for using the phone in the manual here.

Keyboard tips

Current time

  • If you want to hear the current time when the keypad is locked, you can press the confirm button, and the time will be announced despite the locked keypad?

Where can I find emoticons and special characters? 😊#&@

  • When in a text field, a long press of the hash button opens a menu with emojis and special characters.  For faster browsing you can press the up button which takes you to a „Search“ field. Then you simpl write what you are looking for (heart, animal, emotions) and this kind of emoji will open to you. Press the confirm button to input the selected emoji. 

Do you know how to skip to a new line in a text field? 

  • Just press three times 0 button and you’ll jump to a new line.

What is the fastest way to get to a call history? 

  • When in the main screen long press the confirm button.


  • To zoom in on the image, press the confirm button while browsing the images and select Zoom in. Take the same steps to zoom out. Zoom in can be done by pressing the hash button, zoom out by pressing the asterisk button. In the picture, you can navigate using the 2, 4, 6, 8 buttons. Long-pressing the buttons ensures smooth movement from side to side or top to bottom.


Be My Eyes

The app connects you with a global community of volunteers and company workers ready to help you see by providing their sight and assistance in everyday tasks. Now, the app is enriched with an AI feature, utilizing artificial intelligence to instantly describe the space in front of you that you need help with. Internet connection is required for use.

  • Please go to the App catalog, Browse catalog, Search and type Be My Eyes or at least first letters Be, press the confirm button and install the application. Open the app and select "I need visual assistance". Then confirm Privacy and Terms by "I agree" button. You'll jump to login options, please select "Continue with Email".
  • If you don't have an existing account, please fill your name, surname, e-mail, choose a password and select "Next". 
  • You will need to confirm your email, to do so, go to your email and after confirming go back to Be My Eyes.
  • Please confirm "OK" button on the text "I tapped the link". At the end you will be asked to select your native language, you can then complete the registration by confirming "Yes, I want to log in".
  • A small tip, you don't have to leave the app, just invoke a voice control, open email and tapped the link. Then also by voice command to return back to the Be My Eyes.
  • If you are already a user, proceed to the "Sign In" field. After logging in, scroll down to the bottom bar and confirm the "Be My AI" option. Point out your phone at the place/exposure you want to describe and confirm the "Take Picture" option. After evaluation, you will receive a description of the specific location. Then, you can take more pictures or choose the "Ask for More" option, where you can capture another part and add a specific message. AI will respond; if you don't receive a specific answer, you can call a volunteer.

Email client

Some of you might have problems connecting your emails. Let's look at some domains you might struggle with. To log in to an e-mail account, enter e-mail address, SMTP server address, IMAP server address, password, and select Save. Information about the SMTP and IMAP server addresses can be found on the website of the e-mail provider.


  • Go to Email and press the down button once, select "New account".
  • Enter your e-mails address, enter a sender name and Save it.
  • Google sign in field will open it in browser.
  • Please put your email again and select "Next".
  • Put your password in the text field and select "Next".
  • The last thing is allowance of your account, please go down and allow terms and conditions.
  • You will be automatically redirect to your e-mail account in BlindShell.


You may encounter problems with two-factor authentication in the Outlook client. It might be necessary to turn off this authentication or generate a one-time app password. You should complete this process via Outlook web, not in the app.

  • Please open this link:
  • If you are not logged in, please do it. Then on the bottom part of the site there is the section "App passwords".
  • Please click on "Create a new app password". Then go back to BlindShell email and put there your email address and use this generated password instead of your password.


To sign in to an iCloud account, please follow the instructions below:

  • Open Email and select New Account.
  • Fill in the required fields and generate an app-specific password (you can find all information here:
  • The main instruction is to sign in to In the Sign-In and Security section, select App-Specific Passwords. Select Generate an app-specific password or click the Add button (Blue plus sign icon), then follow the steps on your screen. Enter or paste the app-specific password into the password field of the app.
  • Finally, fill in your generated password and select Save.


The Envision App is a free smartphone app that articulates everyday visual information into speech. The free Envision App uses your smartphone's camera, to speak out written information, describe surroundings and objects, and even tell you who's nearby.

Automatically and accurately captures text in one go.
Identifies and reads text out in the correct language and voice.
Handwriting recognition Enjoy reading personal notes and cards.

  • To start the app, log in with your email and select the desired section, then wait with your phone aimed at the place where your text or scene you want to describe is. You can choose from these options: scan text, envision library, finding objects, find people, describe scene, and much more. You can customize the items displayed to you in the app's settings.
  • When an image is detected, melodies start playing, and while the melody plays, the text is being loaded. It is necessary to wait until this melody stops playing. An interesting feature is describing the scene, where you can choose whether you want a brief description, detailed description, or if you want to ask something specific right away. For example, you point your phone in front of you, confirm the "ask a question" option, then navigate to the text field or voice message item, where you can record or write your question. For example: Is there a sofa in front of me?

Find more information on the official website: and watch the video here.

Facebook Messenger

  • Open the Facebook Messenger app and enter your phone number or email address and password.
  • Then scroll down and tap on 'Log In' below. You will be asked if you want to save your details for next time; it's up to you whether you want to save them or not.
  • Now, to log in to Facebook, you can set and enter a PIN. Currently, each digit for the PIN needs to be entered separately. You'll need to navigate six times to the input field and choose your PIN—it's up to you what number you choose. Once you enter the last digit, you won't need to confirm anything further.
  • You'll also receive a message regarding contacts from your saved contacts on your phone.
  • After that, you'll be directly in the app.


Lazarillo navigation allows you to explore the world around you and set up routes. Please note that it's not possible to login via Google. You have to choose to log in via email.

Unfortunately, it is a 3rd Party application so we don't have a full manual on how to use the app.
You need to create an account, set your location, and enjoy help navigating with this app!
If you are not sure how to use the app, please open Settings and seek out the Guide. There is a little manual on how to use it.


Do you want to delete, pin or mute a chat? 

  • Long press the confirm button at a specific chat, a menu will open with these options on the top bar. For faster navigation, long press the down button and use the up button to scroll through the options.

Do you want to record a voice message directly in the chat? 

  • Open the chat and long press the down button. This will take you to the voice message recording instantly. Hold the confirm button throughout the recording and then let go, of the button to send the message.


  • Shazam is a great app that helps you identify the title of the currently playing song. Simply open the app, tap the "Shazam" button, and confirm with the confirmation button. After recognizing the song, your phone will briefly vibrate, and the title will appear on the screen. The list of searched songs can be found under the first "library" icon when you open the app.


  • This app allows you to play songs, create playlists, search for favorite artists, and much more. A Spotify premium account is required, and you can find it in our app catalog. We've created a playlist for you on the Spotify app, composed of favorite songs from the BlindShell team. You can listen to an interesting mix of songs from various genres that resonate with each of us :-) 
  • Here, you can navigate to the playlist, If you use Spotify.


NFC Tags

  • Each BlindShell Classic 2 phone package contains 3 NFC tags that you can use to label objects in your home or workplace. The tags will help you easily distinguish between things. For example, you can stick it on a box of tea, then go to the NFC object labeling app, where you read and name the tag. Then simply open the app and bring the phone close to where the sticker is placed, and the phone will tell you what object it is 😊
    You can use these tags to label things with similar shapes that you have multiple copies of at home, such as tea boxes, document folders, medicine boxes, CDs, and so on.


  • Do you know that feeling of forgotten keys? Your wallet isn't in its place? Our beeper is a helpful assistant for locating lost items anywhere in your household.

    In practice, it works by clipping the beeper to your keys, pairing it with BlindShell and name it after the item you clip it to. If you need to find that item, you go to the beepers app on your phone and simply ring the thing you’re looking for. You can have an unlimited number of beepers in the app.

TPU and FLIP case

  • To keep your BlindShell safe and prevent scratches and cracks that could affect some phone functions, we have a fantastic November offer for you. You might not know that we offer protective cases for the BlindShell Classic 2 phone. You can choose between a rear plastic TPU cover that fits your BlindShell perfectly, or a flip case that protects both sides of your phone.

QR Object Tags

  • The object tagging function helps identify objects that are hard to distinguish by touch, such as spice boxes, cosmetics, and cleaning products. This function requires coded tags, which are square stickers (1.5 cm x 1.5 cm) purchased from a BlindShell distributor. These tags are read by the phone's back camera and associated with a spoken or written description. To tag an object, stick a tag on it, open the tagging app, select "add tag," point the camera at the tag, and provide a description when prompted.

Extended Warranty

The extended warranty applies only to new phones and to phones still under warranty.
When making a purchase, it's necessary to include the IMEI code in the order note. You can locate the IMEI code on the information label beneath the battery, on the phone's packaging, or within its menu. This code validates the warranty's coverage.

The price of the extended warranty is 70€.
You can find complete information here.

BlindShell Update

We strongly recommend this tip to all our customers and want to remind you of where to find these updates.

The BlindShell update menu item allows updating the phone’s software. The updates bring new features, enhance current features, and fix bugs. A new update is announced via notification.
To manually check for updates, select the Check for update menu item. If an update is available, select Download update and then Install update. To install an update, an internet connection is required.

Important notice:
The update process takes several minutes. You will be informed about the progress of the update. During the update, the phone speaks in a robotic voice.
Do not turn off your phone or do other actions with your phone during the update process. Doing so might result in damaging the phone’s software, making it necessary to send the phone for repair.

Very important thing is to continuously backup your data, you can find this option in the Service menu. The Backup data function will create a file containing internal user data.


Favorite apps and everything you should know.

  • The right side button isn't just for activating the voice assistant; it's also for saving your favorite applications. This list is quickly accessible with a short press of the side action button.
  • If you haven't saved any apps yet, press the button and select "Add favorite app." You can also add favorite websites to the list and then open them more quickly using the button.
  • If you want to change the items you've saved, you can move them around in the favorite apps menu Go to Menu / Settings / Favorite Apps. Pressing the confirmation button will open these options for you: Remove from favorites / Move up in the list / Move down in the list.